The world of slum children in india is very different.  We want to do more and for that you can help our different programs. By committing a small amount of your income to protect street children, you can help save a child and contribute to humanity. You can donate as low as Rs 500 per month. The human life foundation appreciates monthly  or quarterly donations where you choose to donate a small fixed amount monthly for us to be able to plan our different programs for a longer term, a single donation can also help save a child. You will get your tax exemption certificate within 15 days of your one-time donation (quarterly in case of regular donors, who pledge monthly donations, after their first month’s donation). You will get quarterly updates on how you are making a difference.

Click Here to Download ECS Mandate Form

Fill the complete form
Two copy to us and keep one copy with yourself
and a Cancelled cheque(to verify MICR code
(Cheque should be MICR cheque)
Our Registered Address: Human Life Foundation 263/556 Pratap Nagar Sector-26 Sanganer Jaipur-302033 Rajasthan (INDIA)

Send Mandate Form to Human Life Foundation on our above address with following Attachment:

Once we have received form we will give this to our banker and Donation instalment will start deduct automatically.

Notes:  Sufficient funds will be needed in your account as on date as selected by you in ECS Mandate Form. No charges will be charged from your account to process this form.

Instructions To fill form:

Donor Name: Name in which TAX Certificate of Donation Required.

E mail id, Ph number, Mobile Number and Address where Communication can be done

Start date: From date you start to transfer funds to our account. You are to choose one date between 05/MM/YEAR and 10/MM/YEAR. Month and year can be selected with your discretion. It Should be letter than 30 days from dispatch date.

End Date- Date on which you want to expire this form.

For example:

Today date: 05/08/2014

You want donate 5000 Monthly for 2 years. Than

Donation Instalment: 24

Frequency: Monthly

Debit Amount: 5000

Start Date: 06/02/2018 (Cannot be earlier than 30 days of current date)

End Date: 07/01/2020 (Date Should be letter than: Start date+ Period Require to deduct Donation Installment)

(Here 2 Years require to deduct 24 Instalment in monthly gape)

Signature should be same as registered with your banker