we are group of  donors that work for change the life of people in slums.  we think that education is the basic requirement for every individual; no one can survive without it. Education is the main stone which builds the nation and helps it prosper in future.

Our Registration

Human Life Foundation is registered charitable trust at Jaipur. The PAN allotted to Human Life Foundation is AABTH0117J. It submits its ITR on regular basis. It mainly involves in free education for poor children, De- addiction, Midday meal distribution, health and hygienic awareness among underprivileged families. It work for all public without any discrimination of caste , creed and religion.

Registered under Rajasthan Trust Act 1959 (52)

The Human Life Foundation is a Jaipur based social working charitable trust and was registered in office of commissioner of Devsthan Department, Jaipur, Govt. of Rajasthan in year 2012. Its was registered on January 06 in 2012 with its  Registration no.- 277/ Jaipur/2012.  

Registered under section 12 A of IT Act

TheHuman Life Foundation Foundation is also registered u/s 12 A in department of Income tax, Jaipur. Our 12 A certificate certify that we are a charitable trust.  

Registered under section 80 G IT Act

Human Life Foundation Foundation is registered u/s 80 G of IT act in office of commissioner of Income Tax, Jaipur. This 80 G certificate facilitate our donor to avail income tax benefits on their donations. This facility may also inspire donors to stretch their contribution towards good cause of Human Life Foundation, Jaipur .