Human Life School, Jagatpura, Jaipur

The problem of  children particularly in slums and construction sites are chronic in many aspects. we have seen that there are thousands of children roaming around the streets and Jhuggis Bastis in Jaipur alone. All those children wander here an there and never go to school. Sometimes the children go to the construction sites with their parents and  some time  are forced to do menial work including rag-picking, begging, cattle grazing and domestic labouring ect. We strives that every needy, helpless, destitute or orphaned child attains full growth as decent human being and become a responsible citizens of our country. They usually search trash heaps of the cities to their stomach. Malnutrition and illiteracy are their inevitable friends. They have never experienced the real love of caring parents. It is such a non-existent life yet they live on. This strategic program has been designed by visionaries at Human  Life to address two most debilitating problem of underprivileged children; MALNUTRITION and ILLITERACY. The Human Life Foundation has resolved to liberate the those needy children from the vicious cycle of mal-nutrition and un-education.


There is a  public  land near HP petrol Pump Near Mahal Road Jagatpura  where these migrated people have made their little temporary huts call ‘Jhuggis’. This group of around 150 Jhuggis  are called Jhuggi Basti. The target population hails from remote villages of Rajasthan and some of them from Bihar state.  More than 99 % children of this Jhuggi Basti are illiterate and never went to school.  All of them need not only education but healthy nutritious food, pure water to drink and even clothing. Because these families and their children don’t have basic amenities like safe drinking water and toilet facilities, electricity connection  at their home i.e Jhuggis. Most of these dwellers and even their children at this Jhuggi Basti ( Tent House Colony)  are suffering with severe kind addiction of Alcohol and Tobacco etc. Most people we work with in this area are making their living by doing different kind of hard labour work on construction sites in nearby places and some of them are grazing their goats and sheeps in nearby open land along side Dravyawati River and plots of other people and  few families and their children are collecting waste material (KACHARA) from roadsides and from nearest colonies. Few people are tractor drivers who dig and pickup Sand. Many small children go to the market to pick leftover. They clean this leftover and put on sale on weekend and earn some money to survive themselves. Many children also grazing sheeps and goats from morning till evening.   



We have seen that the many children at our neighbour walk aimlessly, chew tobacco in small age ,sleep at city arcades and are vulnerable for any type of exploitation by the adults and criminals. They are majorly engaged in some kind of economic activities like begging, waste picking, trolley pulling, selling intoxicants like cigarettes and tobacco etc. At the end of the day they contribute their earnings to their family as the whole responsibility depends on their earnings. Some of them struggle for the survival of themselves as they are run away children. Earning money leads to exploitation of these kids in many ways. In the struggle of the life they lose their innocence of this tender age. Some of them are vulnerable to many types of diseases and exploitation by the society and criminals. To preserve their innocent childhood and to get them back into the safe securing world and to educate them, a step was taken by the governing board of The Human life foundation, for the welfare of these street youngsters. The aim of helping and supporting poor children in difficult circumstances especially in slums and street at Jaipur, resulted into the opening of  HUMAN LIFE EDUCATION CENTRE in year 2012. 

Teaching needy children Since 2012


Apart from proving free primary education for needy children we huge emphasis on  moral and character building of our students.  The education is an eternal process of learning which evolves from continuous efforts of improvement and progress. Let there be no compromise on the principles and no deviation from the high traditions of Indian culture. The Human Life provides an atmosphere of truthfulness, trust and care and inspires students to be upright, righteous, rationalistic and sensitive. Any product of Human Life will have the moral and ethical qualities deeply imbibed in him. We are initiating a wholesome personalities with nationalistic outlook.


We aspire to be a learning centre of academic excellence which provide quality and value based education to students still deprived of it.The ultimate mission of the education centre is to empower children of their capabilities by providing an enriched environment towards a quality life and to enable them to identify and enhance their multi facet talents and personalities to equip themselves to face the future challenges of life.


We aspire to bestow dreams in lonesome eyes and empower them to fulfill those dreams and to facilitate needy children who come across us to find an easy access to education. We targets to change the lives of vulnerable children who lives alone or with their families on the street, walkways, slum and underprivileged areas, to provide education, health care , nutrition and legal help. 

 Our Focus

(Health Care and Hygienic Awareness) Our school children mostly lives in unhealthy and unhygienic living conditions so they therefore get affected with various ailments and infections diseases and need to undergo medical check ups and treatments to be cured of the same. We have been making continuous efforts in help them in getting medication in dispensaries and hospitals.         

Legal status

Human Life Foundation is a registered trust buts our schools are non formal free education Centres only. We also run a after school program for needy children who who are very weak in their study and can't effort heavy tuition fee.    


School and its Standard 

Our Education Centres(Jhuggi Schools) are non formal literacy centre and have been established to educate those who have never gone to school and remained illiterate. Children can access to pre-primary and primary level education over here.

Presently Human Life Foundation has been running following 2 centres-

  • In Jhuggi Bastis , near Akshaya Patra Chauraha on Mahal Road Jaipur.
  • In Jhuggi Basti on Rana Sanga  Marg, near Pratap Appartment in Sec-29 Pratap Nagar Jaipur  

Problem while working with street children 

  • Addiction of tobacco, beer in their parents and other family members
  • Very unhygienic condition of territory.      
  • Drop out of student due to change of their  works sites. 
  • Lack of electricity in area and Illiteracy & unawareness among parents.
  • Unavailability of funds for paying salaries to teaching staff and volunteers.
  • Unavailability of expert, loving and caring teachers and staff particularly in slum areas. 
  • Lack of electricity. 


We educate academics

We motivate to be best

Enhance their reading skills

Feed midday meal

Eradicate malnutrition

Distribute used clothes

Motivate through cultural program

Distribute uniform and formal dresses

Celebrate national Festivals

Motivate through cultural program

Distribute woolen clothes

Support govt school children


Take up the responsibility to adopt a child for education