Mr. Hemraj Chaturvedi, the President as well as the founder member of Human Life Foundation is fully dedicated to work for human life. Mr. Chaturvedi is a qualified person having graduated in Biology and post graduated in Information Technology. As on date, he is an eminent social worker, philosopher,  thinker, Vedic Scholar, preacher(Devotee) and motivator. Besides, considering the importance of pure food and vegetables, he is also into Organic farming business since 2006. He is basically from rural background from district Karauli, Rajasthan therefore he had deeply realized  that how the people have been suffering with the miseries. Once after his education was over, he was serving with an organization in Karauli, he got extremely inspired with spiritual thought of Swami Vivekananda. Regular study of teachings of swamiji and practice of meditation put him in great renunciation. He  finally left home and went on pilgrimage for more than 6 months.  Finally when he fall sick while he travelling in Baroda (Gujrat) and therefore decided to come back at Jaipur in search of care and medication. Meanwhile he met Col. Shri Shyam Sunder Gupta ji and he advised him to joined ISKCON Jaipur and where he sincerely served with ISKCON food relief foundation and ISKCON Go Raskha Seva Samiti for near about 3 years. He had received vast spiritual knowledge and experience over there.

Mr. Chaturvedi, being so kind hearted in nature, was deeply touched by an incidence. Once ,while serving ISKCON, he was passing by Trimurthy Circle, saw an old lady lying down. She was in a critical condition. When nobody dared to come near her due to their own fears, Chatuvediji came forward for the help and took her to hospital in a taxi. She was taken to SMS Hospital but she couldn’t survive and hunger was detected as the major cause of her death in postmortem report. He was deeply touched by the entire episode by heart.That very moment, he decided to do something for human lives. As a result of his continuous thought process, an NGO named Rashtrotthan Seva Samiti  was formed in the year 2005. It was registered with the primary objective of opening  Annakshetras and free education Centre  for needy children. Then he had extensively worked with Truckers, high risk groups, beggars & street children in slum areas around the Jaipur. In due course of time, many people with different thoughts and attitudes got associated in governing committee of  the Samiti. Unfortunately, aim at dominating the most of the members fell out with each other during the regular meetings of Samiti and as a result, most of the supporters got disassociated and ultimately, His mission got interrupted in 2011.

But this could not divert him from his mission, his enthusiasm and devotion toward selfless service of society. While exploring the slums of the city, he realized that millions of children are still voiceless and vulnerable to various types of exploitation. They need education, care & protection. He decided to  start the same project all alone for the unprivileged children. With this aim, he started “free education for poor children” project in 2011 at Jaipur. His dedication and devotion again brought some likeminded volunteers together and as a result of that the foundation stone of  The Human Life Foundation was laid down in 2012.  Since then, he is committed for the improvisation of  lives of street children. Since Human Life’s inception in 2012, he is devoting his time, talent and resources. He is the unpaid worker cum volunteer for trust.